Ireland's - Underground Pub, Elevated Grub


1963, Loyola became the first Illinois team to win the NCAA basketball championship. The team made history, and this University proud. While their win was newsworthy, there was another victory in 1963, a victory that is arguably more groundbreaking than their NCAA Championship triumph; the team had four African American men in their lineup. The man leading those ramblers to victory was Coach George Ireland. This man was 20 years ahead of his time.  Who you were on the court and how you played the game was all that mattered. With that mentality, he broke down racial barriers, and molded his men into NCAA champions. Coach George Ireland has certainly left a legacy, and Loyola finally has a place to remember his dedication and spirit to his basketball players and this university.


Damen opened during Easter Break April 2013. Students were overjoyed with the prospect of a new student space, complete with a new dining hall, meeting rooms, Movie Theater, and lounge area. Despite the fancy interior, one area in the basement was left alone. At the time, Ireland's was a name, but not yet a business, that is, until Loyola Limited was given permission to utilize the space.


 With four already up and running, LL understands the process of  starting a new business. However, this will be the first time Loyola Limited is utilizing University owned space. 


So, how did this happen? How is it that a student run business managed to move in to Damen? President of New Business Ventures Max Timm says, “The vision for Ireland's was actually the brain child of our previous CEO, Julie Waner. When I assumed the role of New Business Venture Director, I walked into a job that was already a well-developed business plan. “ Timm’s excited to carry out their vision and wants Ireland’s to be a “place in which the whole Loyola community feels at home. Like many other Loyola Limited employees, Timm spent three years at Felice’s before moving into his current position and says, “being able to run an operation that gives back to the Loyola community to this extent is something that really hits home with me.”

The Ireland's menu will include signature sandwiches, chips, and nachos.  Beer and wine will also be served to those of age with valid identification. 


Irelands, located on the lower level of Damen Student Center, will officially open on November 14th, 2014 at 3pm.



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