Introducing: the Loyola Limited Express

When the Holidays roll around, students scramble to the airports. Some take taxis, others seek to save a few dollars and brave the CTA.

Come Fall Semester, Loyola Limited will have another option for students at this university. Forget the train and ditch the taxi, now there’s the LL Express running directly from campus to O'Hare and Midway for the convenient price of only $20.

Most schools have a shuttle system, so why not Loyola? Last years CEO Julie Waner asked the same question when she started brainstorming ideas for a new business. A plan was written up and Loyola Limited got started. Fast-forward a few months, and the LL Express is now ready to ride.

President of Felice’s Roman Style Pizza, Ryan Kelley is happy to welcome the new business into the Loyola Limited family, “As a new member of the LL team, it’s exciting to watch this corporation grow. I’m excited for Loyola Limited to find yet another way to serve the student population of Loyola.”

The launch of the LL Express brings another opportunity for students to experience what it means to build a business from the ground up. Since the idea sprouted back in February, it has expanded to include both a comprehensive business and financial agenda. Loyola Limited 2011-2012 CEO Jon Ferrera says the LL Express is, “long overdue for our students; this is a much cheaper and cost efficient method”. He believes this brand new business is exactly what Loyola Limited is all about. As a student run and managed business enterprise, Loyola Limited can finally offer “a service directly for our students.”

Expect 82 available shuttle rides for this upcoming fall semester; 3 to 4 trips a day during breaks to and from O'hare and Midway for $20 each way. Every LL Express customer can enjoy a comfortable shuttle ride with professional drivers, complete with room for luggage.

The newest business on the block has high expectations but Loyola Limited believes it will be a success. Though a bit different than other Loyola Limited businesses, it’s a welcome change, and a new learning experience for the staff. Most importantly, it will be a service for the students, by the students, the very mission driving Loyola Limited.

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